Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 9: A gift held, passed by, sat with...

1.  Held...the hands of those I love best.  We hold hands when we pray.  Each time we cross the street.  To stay together in a crowded room.  When cuddling at bedtime, and even, on-occasion, in the car.  I treasure the feeling of my children's small, soft hands encompassed by my own, as well as the strength and toughness of Jason's hand.

2.  Passed by...the new overpass construction at Villa Maria and 2818.  I guess technically we passed UNDER it.  I drive that route almost every day, so we've watched the progress on this overpass since it was just a dozer moving piles of dirt around last summer.  It was such a cool surprise  a couple of days ago when they had added the big, cement overpass, literally overnight.  The kids and I loved seeing it together and thinking about the evolution of the project that we had watched together, from the ground up.

3.  Sat with...Jason's mom and Grandmother and Jason  for lunch today. The three of them eat together every Thursday, but I'm usually at Community Bible Study on Thursdays, so I can never join them.  Today, since the kids started back to school (after a nearly three-week Christmas break!) and since CBS won't start back for another week, I was feeling lonely, so I crashed their lunch date snd was so thankful for the company and conversation.  (And they graciously welcomed me)

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