Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2: A gift inside, outside, and on a plate

1.  A gift inside...central heating! It was SO cold outside today (you know we Texans can't handle temperatures below 65 degrees without a parka!). Each time I went outside today I was thankful for the warmth of the house I was blessed to return to.

2.  A gift outside... Sweet neighbors! After a few days of being cooped up indoors, I let the kids play outside (in the aforementioned cold) with our neighbors down the street. They had so much fun playing together, and came home happy, tired, and well-exercised, I'm sure.  It is such a gift to live on a street with sweet families who look out for each other!  (And yes, to enjoy a little quiet inside when the kids are outside!)

3.  A gift on a plate...tonight--Freebirds nachos!  Enjoyed with good friends, which made it taste that much better.

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