Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 10: A Gift Sour, a Gift Sweet, & a Gift Just Right...

1.  A gift sour...lime juice!  It is my favorite ingredient in my homemade salsa (and by adding it and a little cilantro to  the store-bought variety freshens it up in an instant!)

2.  A gift sweet...egg nog!  We are in the process of finishing our last carton of Southern Comfort Spiced Vanilla (which I may, or may not have gotten a little hoarder-happy with this Christmas season).  Truth be told, itight even be a little too sweet, but we only have it this time of year, in very small quantities, and I recently discovered that it pairs deliciously well with almond milk!

3.  Just right...ratatouille!  I tried a recipe for it for the first time this week and loved it!  I was amazed to find that, in spite of its contents of eggplant, summer squash, red bell pepper, mushrooms and zucchini, even the kids loved it!  (Not to mention it is super-healthy!

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