Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 2: Three Gifts Bright...

1.  The light when I wake up.  Some mornings it's almost TOO bright.  Still, it's a startling reminder at the start of each new day that:
A) I've been given another day of life.
B) I am blessed with the gift of sight.
C) I was been blessed to have slept--thereby creating the contrast between the dark backs of my eyelids and the brightness of dawn/fluorescent bulbs.

2.  Highlighters.  I'll confess, I'm a serial highlighter.  I pay closer attention and retain more information when I read with an uncapped highlighter in my hand.  I love to go back and re-read books that I highlighted long ago.  Especially my Bible.  It's like a road-map of all of the verses that have carried me through my spiritual journey. 

3.  My kids.  Of course I'm gonna say that, because they are MY kids.  But they are bright.  Exceptionally so.  Norah has a natural artistic bent.  Eli has a gift with words, and has since he first started forming sentences.  Both are perceptive and creative.  Bright kids, I tell you. (And I think their futures will be pretty bright, too!)

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