Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 4: A Gift Circling, Crowning, Crafted...

1.  Circling: My wedding ring.  It encircles the third finger of my left hand, as a visual reminder that I am both taken and treasured.  I lost my original ring nearly 2 years ago (I had taken it off while I kneaded some dough, and it disappeared.  After turning the kitchen inside out (literally going through the trash can piece by piece and desperately digging through my fresh-baked pie with my fingers to no  avail), I started wearing a simple, silver ring on my wedding ring finger.  I've worn it for nearly 2 years (still hopeful that the original would turn up, and that it had not been taken by the repairman who was in our house the day it went missing).  It has filled the vacancy, but just isn't the same.

For the 11 years that I wore my original wedding ring, I glanced at it at least 20 times (probably more), daily.  Literally.  Especially when I was driving because my hands were right there at eye level. There was always something reassuring about its presence, and the sentiment that it represented.  It was symbolic of our love--and those who know me well know that I love me some symbolism.  (Not to imply that our love was lost with the ring...but it cut me deeply to LOSE the SYMBOL of our love)  It was beautiful.  It was the ring that Jason ate Corn Dog 7 every Friday for 24 consecutive weeks, so he could make payments for it during his lunch break as soon as he got paid (CD7 was next door to the jewelry store).  The ring he slipped on my finger on his 19th birthday when he asked me to marry him.  The ring he held, looking deep into my eyes, as he took vows to love, honor, and cherish me til death does us part.

In the two years since the loss, I have continued to look at my left hand throughout the day, every day.  (I guess it has become a habit of sorts)  Though the silver ring (which, incidentally, was a gift that Jason had given me back when we were dating, 15 years ago) filled the void on my wedding ring finger, each time I glanced at it I felt twinges of guilt and sorrow at the loss of "THE" ring. 

Jason has never yelled at me for being irresponsible by losing something both so valuable and irreplaceable.  (Maybe he thought I was punishing myself enough with all of my guilt-trip-inducing  ring finger-glancing?)  He knew how much it hurt me to have lost my ring.  (And I may have told him on more than one occasion how badly I wanted it back).

This year, just before Thanksgiving, Jason completely shocked me by telling me that he wanted to buy me a new ring.  We went to the store together and picked it out.  He was extremely sweet  and patient, and I was extremely...indecisive.  Finally, the sales lady got a curious gleam in her eye and said, "Hold on just a minute.  I think I have EXACTLY what you are looking for!"  She went into some secret, mysterious vault in the back of the store and procured the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.  It wasn't THE ring from June 10, 2000...but it WAS the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.  And it fit perfectly.  Jason saw the look on my face and pulled the trigger.  He kept it in his pocket until we got home.  There, he got down on one knee and asked with a sheepish grin, "Would you marry me again?".

That question meant as much to me as the token of his love that came with it.  After 13 years of better or worse, to know that he'd still want to do it all over again with me (literally) brought tears to my eyes.  (And for some reason, reminded me a little of one of my FAVORITE songs from Fiddler on the Roof) 13 years later, I am still taken (and treasured).  And I revel in that each and every time I look at my left hand (which I've already established, happens pretty often)

2.  Crowning:  Hats!  I love them for so many reasons (and I own more than a few).  They are perfect for hiding under when I'm feeling shy or anti-social.  They can be warm on a cold day, or provide shade from the sun.  They are excellent secret-keepers (they've yet to rat me out when what lies beneath them is a frightfully frizzy mop-of-a-bad-hair-day).  Not to mention they are cute, and exude confidence (when ironically, I usually wear them on the days that I'm feeling the most insecure).

3.  Crafted: I could put so many things under this category...but today, I'll say the giant picture frames my sweet husband made for me.  I LOVE the photos that are in them (and when I priced out close to identical frames at Michael's, even with 60% off, it was going to cost over $200!).  Jason took one look at them and told me, "I could make that"...and he did.  And they are perfect.  AND he hung them all.  (Have I mentioned how much I love this man!?)  I have absolutely no idea how to go about making a picture frame.  I THINK it involves a router and a miter saw (maybe?), but to be able to custom-craft them to the perfect dimensions and have the pictures nestle perfectly in them is an ART.  I'm so thankful to have such a talented husband who is always up for a good challenge!

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