Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 6: Three Gifts Sweet

1.  Kisses from Berkley (pictured left) first niece just turned 10 months old, and gives the sweetest (and wettest) kisses EVER.  I received my first one this past weekend and it instantly melted my heart.

2.  Maylee's second niece is barely one month old, and has the sweetest, most delicate hands.  There is something amazing about tiny, perfectly formed fingers that don't yet know what they're capable of...

3.  Cotton Candy...random, I know.  But I LOVE it.  I feel a little guilty that it's the one thing I want if ever we find ourselves at a circus or arena-type venue.  Grown-ups aren't supposed to go for that kind of thing, right? At least now I have 2 kids, so I can buy it for them (wink, wink).  Mmmmmm..."Spun Sugar" sounds like the magical product of a fairy tale! 

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