Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 16: Three Gifts Bethlehem (unlikely)

1.  Scrap fabric...I keep most of mine, and for the most part, it lies in wait in a dark drawer, forgotten--until a need arises. Scraps, while small and seemingly insignificant; can be joined together to make beautiful, useful things.  From school projects, to make-shift barbie blankets, from appliqué embellishments to rag dolls.  Some of mine have even found their way to Ghana  resurrected from the depths of my sewing closet, given new life and purpose as quilts for Mercy Project rescued children.
2.  Potato's meager ingredients cost less than $10 to feed our family of 4 (plus left-overs!), but it's warmth in our stomachs on a cold day (with nary a complaint from two occasional picky eaters) was worth it's weight in gold!
3.  Dirty Laundry...I don't mean the juicy kind!  These days, it seems like our clothes hamper is constantly overflowing.  No matter how many loads I do in a day, it' always fills back up at bath time.   It's maddening.  But it also reminds me how blessed we are to have  an abundance of clothes (enough, even to sustain my family through my sometimes less-than-brief laundry-duty vacation lapses.  It is also evidence of the gift of an active lifestyle.  Jason's and my gym dedication doubles our daily laundry contribution (and Jason's physical job often triples it!).  It also helps me realize what a blessing it is to own a washing machine...if I dread doing laundry this way, I can't IMAGINE what washing everything by hand would be like!

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